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Designer Cosmetic Bag

No matter what type of cosmetics you buy, whether natural cosmetics or synthetic brands, you need a cosmetic bag to carry all of your items, everyday in your handbag or when you travel. In fact, even men are starting to carry a bag with them which they can buy at a department store. Sometimes a cheap cosmetic bag will make do for many women but some at other times you may want to treat yourself to a designer cosmetic bag.

There are many different types of designer cosmetic bags, such as Prada, that will run over one hundred dollars or more, depending on the size, features and materials that come with the bag. There are some that come on wheels for toting a large amount of toiletries and there are others that are hand held, about the size of a small purse or handbag. No matter the size, you will pay at least $100 for a designer cosmetic bag in most cases, and there are times when it can go well beyond $200 per cosmetic bag.

Types of Designer Cosmetic Bags

There is one type of designer cosmetic bag made by TZ that is a rolling bag that has many different trays and compartments in it. Since the bag is on wheels, it is easy to roll from place to place with the other luggage rather than straining to carry it. This designer cosmetic bag runs about $150.00, depending on the store. The bag is full of compartments so that each one can contain different materials. One is made to fit the larger shampoo, conditioner, hair spray and lotion bottles the woman might need. There is another tray that is designed to hold the brushes for the woman so that they do not get damaged. Another tray is made to hold the makeup brushes so that they do not get mixed in with other things and are easy to use. In addition to all these areas, there are also compartments that are made to store jewelry in so that it is not loose among the makeup and hair products in this designer cosmetic bag.

In another type of designer cosmetic bag, this time by Prada, the bag is much simpler than the one mentioned above, but it still costs one hundred thirty dollars. The bag is not made of leather, but is only made of Tessuto Microfiber. The bag only has one main pocket where the bulk of the materials would have to be stored and there are also two side pockets which may be used to store smaller items or makeup brushes. The top is zippered and it has the Prada logo on the sides of it, which upscale brand-name makes the makeup bag so costly.