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Learn to apply makeup correctly

The Fun of Wearing Cosmetics

There are so many different brands and types of cosmetics on the market today women can have fun finding and buying just the right cosmetics for any use or occasion.

Cosmetics can be found in hypo allergenic solutions so women with sensitive skin can wear makeup. They can also be found in organic formulas, so that all natural products are used in the cosmetics and no animals are hurt in the making of the products. There are even products that help protect the skin that include sunscreen, so the cover up or base that women use is also acting as sunscreen, protecting the face all day long.

Types of Cosmetics

Cosmetics come in four basic groups. The first group is composed of all the cover up products. These cosmetics include products such as foundations that help to smooth out women's skin so that it looks like it is flawless. They also include products such as cover up products for under the eyes or for more extreme blemishes. There are also products that are designed to help disguise scars or red skin, such as those sticks or creams that are green in color and go under the foundation.

The second group of products in cosmetics is composed of those products that create contours and facial color. There are glowing serum products designed to create a healthy skin glow, giving a more or less facial contouring effect by using the darker shade to create shadow and the lighter shade to highlight certain areas of the cheeks, chin, nose and forehead. In this way, the women can use the shadows to create stronger cheekbones, a thinner nose, and other effects. There are also blushes that are used to add some rosy color to the cheeks.

The third group of products in cosmetics is composed of the products used on the eyes. These products add color to the eyes and also help them to stand out, adding a sparkle to the women's faces. There are many different colors of Eye Shadows and creams that match any outfit or occasion. There are eye pencils and liquid liners that add a defining line around the eyes to any level of thickness the women require. There is also mascara which helps to lengthen and thicken the lashes of the eyes so that they look bigger.

The fourth group and final type of cosmetic is for the lips, such as lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip liners. Since there are so many different products, women will often buy a cosmetic bag to carry them all in - especially when going on a trip.