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Today is and we are reporting on "gadolinium disease" which is an incurable disease caused by gadolinium; a rare-earth metal commonly used in medical imaging as an MRI with contrast agent and dye. Gadolinium is a white-silver color liquid substance used to enhance medical imaging proceedures where an injected dye for contrast is desired by doctors for better images.

Gadolinium is useful for improved medical imaging especially involving renal function and diagnosis, however there's a risk of a rare but serious fibrosis-like disease linked to gadolinium MRI contrast dye agents in all patients, including people with near normal or normal kidney function. Gadolinium disease onset and symptoms can occur from hours to months after the contrast dye was injected.

Gadolinium disease is incurable. Its diagnosis is getting more common and concerning to doctors and patients. There's scientific research showing gadolinium can be toxic after the contrast-dye injection. Gadolinium deposits have been seen in brain and bones of patients with normal kidney function. Retention of gadolinium in the body is known as "gadolinium storage condition"

Gadolimium retention can have long term cumulative effects of the heavy metal gadolinium being retained in the organs, brain and elsewhere in the patients body. Some patients have reported chronic symptoms from gadolinium storage toxicity. Joint and bone complaints, pain and skin issues are a few common gadolinium disease deposition issues and there are other serious issues.

Gadolinium has been a subject of a number of recent lawsuits. For example, Chuck Norris (Walker Texas Rangers fame) and wife Gena filed a gadolinium-lawsuit against the drug manufacturer and other defendants alleging she has a debilitating Gadolinium Deposition Disease from MRIs and failure to adequately warn about risk, exposing patients to life-long complications.

Before undergoing her MRI, Gena Norris was healthy and athletic with normal kidney funtion. After the 3rd MRI (over a short time period) using Gadolinium-Contrast she quickly felt sick and a few days later was rushed to the hospital with a burning sensation in her abdomen.

One more gadolinium-related condition is systemic fibrosis, linked to poor kidney function. Gadolinium Disease impacts patients with normal or near-normal renal function. The Mayo Clinic has researched gadolinium and can test you for gadolinium disease and offer treatment options if you visit this link to the Mayo Clinic.


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