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Hand Rejuvenation Surgery

A good time to consider Hand Rejuvenation Surgery for younger looking hands starting today ... Do you look young for your age, however your hands actually reveal your true age? What can be done about this tell-tale age predictor?

For folks who are worried about the appearance of their hands, there are steps you can take to help prevent or even partially reverse the signs of aging of your hands.

One way to help your hands look younger, it's necessary to take a little prevention. A preventive step to keep your hands looking younger is to rub creams and lotions you normally use on your face into your hands, and also use sun blocker lotions if you are outdoors a lot.

Facial cosmetic surgery to make your face look years younger has become extremely popular today, however many people's faces actually look too young compared to their hands and their hands may reveal their true age. When hands look years older than the face, it can be a tell-tale sign that the person has had cosmetic surgery.

The cumulative effects of aging, sun and exposure to chemicals are brown spots, uneven pigmentation, skin cancers, thinning skin, and prominent veins. As women enter menopause, dropping levels of estrogen contribute further to thinning and drying of the skin.

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For those who are concerned about the appearance of their hands, there are steps that can help prevent and even partially reverse the signs of aging.

  • Prescription topical treatments: Lotions and creams, some with glycolic acid or other exfoliating agents, can be effective for treating dryness and light sun damage.

  • Micro dermabrasion: A noninvasive treatment that uses a stream of micro-crystals and suction to gently polish the skin, reducing age spots and light sun damage.

  • Chemical Peels: Minor brown spots and areas of discoloration can be treated with chemical skin peel solutions that vary according to their specific ingredients and strength. It is important that this procedure be undertaken judiciously, as hands have a tendency to scar.

  • Intense Pulsed Light: Proponents say intense pulsed light can reduce the signs of aging and discoloration in the hands and stimulate the skin for a collagen-producing effect. Benefits of treatment are said to include improvement in skin texture and dermal thickness.

  • Fat Grafting: One of the effects of aging on hands is a loss of volume. Structural fat grafting, taking fat from one part of the body and injecting it into the back of the hands (usually during more than one session), can restore the soft tissue that is lost with age and can also fill out the grooves between the bones. It is important that this procedure be done by a qualified plastic surgeon with a thorough understanding of the anatomy of the hands.

  • Sclerotherapy: Can be used to decrease the prominence of veins on the back of the hands. With sclerotherapy, a concentrated saline solution is injected directly into the vein, causing the vein to turn white and gradually disappear. Sclerotherapy does not affect the pigment (melanin) in the skin, so patients with tanned or dark skin are not excluded from treatment.

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