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Highly effective aroma therapy formulas originally developed by the ancient cultures of the East are being re-introduced worldwide.

Applying aromatherapy formulas involves the brief use of an herb near the body and in the environment. These vibrational medicines deliver the herbs' complete energies and are felt immediately without any side effects. Easy to apply, these formulas effectively address a multitude of health concerns, including those not readily or effectively treated with the internal use of conventional allopathic or herbal medicines.

Many diseases and viruses exist for which there are no known cures. Some medicines have begun to fail in cases where before they were effective. Using alternative methods of healing is enormously beneficial.

Aromatherapy and Alchemy - Methods of use and purposes of the aroma therapy formulas are provided for educational purposes. Detailed information about herbal medicines and aroma therapy, most especially a discussion of medical alchemy, spiritual causes of disease, and the role of nutrition and psychology in maintaining health in the book: The Alchemy of Health: Herbal Medicines & Aromatherapy

Alzheimer’s Disease Formula used in the environment of a person to assist in the movement and restructuring of brain activity. Used alone or with any of the other formulas, especially the Systemic Toxicity Formula.

Anti depression Formula used in the environment of a person when the formula is brought from the thymus area to the crown, then in a downward spiral to root, then from the sacral area back up the spine slowly to crown. may be used only once between 6-9 p.m. nightly to relieve the symptoms of depression by stimulating the further release of serotonin. Not to be used by those who have bipolar disorder, or by those who are taking mind or mood-altering medicines, such as Prozac, Haldol, Lithium, Xanax, now or in the past 6-months, or if there is any possibility that there is an allopathic medicine of this nature remaining in the bloodstream. Also do not use on yourself if there is anyone in your environment who is bipolar or who is using these medicines.

Bronchial Formula used in the front and back of the lungs to release the complex nature of cough reflex in the pulmonary cage. this formula warms energies and readjusts frequencies, quieting the cough or spasm. first cover face with cloth applied with Maja oil Moldavite V9 to prevent smoke from further irritating the condition. for all bronchial-allergies and/or asthmatic symptoms.

Calming-Pain-Addictions Formula used in the environment one or more times per day to lessen the urges associated with all types of addictions and addictive behaviors; and/or to lessen any type of pain both in animals and people; and/or to calm physical and psycho emotional pain reactions. non-addictive.

Chemotherapy Formula used in and near a person's thymus gland in a circular motion, and then in the front and back every 30 minutes, repeated as often as desired to reduce side effects of traditional chemotherapy treatments, including neuralgia, nausea, pain inflammation, and/or tissue inflammation. best when used just before and then repeatedly after chemotherapy until symptoms subside or are significantly reduced. safe during pregnancy.

Chest Cold Formula used in the environment of a person to clear heat and counter toxins, stimulate both the lymph and respiratory systems, as a wonderful analgesic and antiseptic, and to increase oxygen in the lungs and blood filtration which is a function of the liver.

Childbirth Formula used near a woman’s body during labor as a muscle relaxant to ease and relax spasms, for pain relief, to encourage dilation, lessen fluid loss, and ease and facilitate the birth process.

Circulatory Formula used to increase circulation in cases of arthritis, gout, sciatica, rheumatism, and healing from injuries, surgical scars, broken bones, bone spurs. used by taking the smoking formula from the left foot up to the crown, then back down the right side, out the right foot in a parallel fashion, including the front and back, or used near specific body parts or areas in general, as desired. in applying this formula, using knowledge of meridians and/or axiational lines whenever possible will increase its effectiveness.

End Cold Formula used in the environment to rid excess mucous by increasing insulin, cleansing the lymph system, relieving pain by speeding recovery, carrying viral die-off in mucous out of the body swiftly through blood, urine, and/or feces. may be used during colonic therapy if desired to further increase the flow of mucous from that area.

Flu-Fever-Retrovirus Formula one of the most powerful and important of all of the aroma therapy formulas, used to resolve and transmute any and all lower light densities. the formula is sagged around the lower part of the body from the pelvic girdle to the feet once every 2-hours on the first day of use, then every 4 hours on the second day of use, then every 6-hours on the third day of use and thereafter. or it may be used daily, as desired for prevention. it is used to cleanse, transmute, and eliminate physical and psychological lower light energies, including all viral infections. it is recommended that it be followed by the Health Tonic or the Immune System formula, which can re-introduce the higher light emanations into the body and boost the immune system, and re-align the meridians and blood to the highest states of health.

Focus Formula used in the environment to increase focus, concentration for work, study, meditation; to treat attention deficit disorder in children and adults; and to increase accuracy in prayer and meditation. also great for those involved in mental computations and computer work.

Head Cold Formula used in the environment of body to disarm any type of viral attack or infection, especially at the onset of any type of cold symptoms, including sinusitis, hay fever, headaches, ear infection, tinnitus, and allergies.

Health Tonic Formula used in the environment of a person or animal to promote longevity and growth; and to clear blood-borne diseases. very good for any kind of animal. actually this formula is burned in Asia in many of the farms for the longevity of the animals. all formulas are safe to use in the presence of animals; however, this one is especially beneficial for them.

Hormonal/Menopause Formula used by women who are near mid-life and by men who are near end-life to balance and re-adjust hormonal levels and response. For those who are pre menopausal, used once on the 28th day of month. For those who are experiencing menopausal symptoms, this formula is used on the new moon and two days on either side of it. Saged around pelvic girdle every 30-minutes in the attitude of sacredness/ceremony to re-balance the hormonal system. Some individuals have reported that the use of this formula assists in reducing or eliminating sugar cravings as well. As the thyroid is a hormone carried by the blood, those with thyroid imbalance may find it advantageous to follow the use of this formula with the Health Tonic formula.

Immune System Formula powerful and effective formula used in the environment of a person to boost and strengthen immune system. may be used with any other mixture, and most especially the Flu-Fever-Retrovirus Formula, any number of times per day, whether the stress posed to the body is from internal or external sources, and/or as a preventative medicine.

Insomnia Formula used in the environment of the bedroom one time 20-30 minutes before retiring. no side effects, non-addictive, and safe for those taking other medications.

Kidney Formula used near the kidneys to create assimilation, clear and rejuvenate kidneys. highly effectively and works well when used before or after many of the other formulas, most especially the Liver Formula.

Liver Formula used near liver to release congestion, assist assimilation, and blood filtration. it is important to extinguish this formula immediately.

Spleen-Stomach Formula used to clear and heal center/solar plexus energies/umbilicus, facilitate tension and toxin release. sage the areas of the spleen-stomach-digestive and/or colon one or more times per day or as desired. may assist those who are in the process of cleansing the colon.

Systemic Toxicity Formula used to clear embodiment of all toxins from all areas by saging the auric field or specific areas - maximum once daily - do not exceed this. this formula has been used with the Alzheimer’s or Flu-Fever-Retrovirus formulas for increased effectiveness in those areas.

Vision-External Eyesight Formula a very popular formula used to strengthen vision, done by saging near eyes and temple area, after one first covers the nostrils so that smoke does not irritate the bronchial passages.

Vision-Inner Awareness Formula excellent to promote openness, facilitate avenues of higher learning, including during meditation, chanting, prayer, yoga, and so on. may be used alone or with the Focus formula.

Disclaimer: Pure, concentrated plant extracts have been used for centuries and knowledge of their special properties has been collected throughout many ages. We do not recommend use of aromatherapy as a substitute for medical care. Ancient Healing Art makes no therapeutic claims and accepts no liability. We simply suggest traditional uses based on the wisdom of those who lived in harmony with nature.