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"Miracle Foods that are in your pantry & refrigerator . . .
can have beneficial effects on your overall health"

The following is a list of "miracle foods" found in your pantry and refrigerator. The following explanations are brief and to the point. These are simple foods that can have beneficial results to your overall health.

GARLIC is a powerful natural medicine plus being a strong-flavored seasoning for food. Garlic has the abilities to lower cholesterol and help lower high blood pressure. Garlic purifies and thins the blood, the alkyl sulfur it contains is one of the most powerful natural antiseptics. It penetrates the whole body, thereby ensuring its disinfection. Its therapeutic qualities are numerous. Garlic can help with the below listed aliments:

ONION - In use since ancient times, the onion is the best agent of preventive medicine and the least expensive of all medications. It contains a powerful active antiseptic element; it is a diuretic, an anti scorbutic and decongestant. It is recommended in case of rheumatism, hydropsy, disorders of the liver, kidney and heart, for intestinal yeast infections, diabetes, bronchial catarrh and tuberculosis. In countries where onion is eaten frequently, cancer is rare. Like garlic, onion is best eaten raw (in case difficult digestion, gradually increase consumption).

CARROTS - The most precious of the vegetable remedies, the carrot is almost an ideal food for it contains almost all the vital elements we need: minerals, proteins, fats, sugars, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, PP, K. The carrot acts like a real remedy in the case of liver disease. It is very important to eat plenty of carrots, raw, grated or juiced. Scrub carrots, don't peel, because the skin contains most of the carrot's goodness.
Note: If you have diabetes it is not recommended you eat carrots.

PARSLEY is very rich in vitamin C, so it's a good anti-infectant. Parsley is rich in carotene, an excellent remedy for eyes deficient. It is also rich in iron, and thus anti-anemic. Parsley is, in a nutshell, an excellent stabilizer.

CABBAGE is excellent for good health and, like the carrot, it contains all the vitamins necessary to man. It can be eaten raw or in a salad, its juice contains what is known as vitamin "U." This is excellent for digestive problems and has cured many stomach ulcers. You should eat plenty of cabbage, especially during the fall and winter when we lack vitamins and minerals most.

COLD PRESSED OLIVE OIL is a marvelous food, plus a natural remedy for many diseases: inflammation of the liver, hepatic insufficiency, gallstones, constipation, rickets, etc. So, for all digestive, hepatic and intestinal disorders, here's a formula: take one tablespoon of cold pressed olive oil (mixed with water) before breakfast every morning. The results will be remarkable.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR has many merits, the first of which it contains the same elements as apples. Moreover, it has a disinfectant action on the whole body. You can take it before breakfast in the morning: one teaspoon in a glass of water, during meals in small sips, or simply on salad as a seasoning. To be sure you eat those foods contained in the first part of the list of "miracle foods," eat the following daily, or as often as possible (but always before a meal), a mixed salad made up of grated carrots or cabbage. Of course you can add any raw vegetables you like, that will be even more effective. Then add crushed garlic, thinly sliced onions, sprinkle in parsley and mix everything in 3/4 sunflower oil (pressed cold), 1/4 olive oil and a tablespoon of lemon or cider vinegar.

POLLEN is one of the best food complements. It is rich in amino acids and trace elements which enable it to make up for the lack of these elements missing in our bodies. Pollen stimulates the appetite, regulates digestion, has a beneficial effect on circulation and aids cardiac problems. Also, it can often be of help in psychic and nervous problems. Pollen induces a feeling of euphoria and is sometimes prescribed in the treatment of anemia cellulite. In short, pollen is a natural regulator for our body, a fortifier, a food for health, rejuvenation and long life. Dose: one level tablespoon 15 minutes before breakfast or 3 times a day before each meal.

HONEY was called the food of the gods in ancient times and for good reason. Honey possesses all the elements indispensable for the good working order and maintenance of our bodies. It is antibacterial and very nourishing. Honey should replace white sugar and even brown sugar in tea, on bread. There should be a jar of it on every kitchen shelf, especially in the homes of the elderly. But honey should be consumed with caution. On one hand it is important to know where it comes from and to be sure it is pure honey, without additives, colorings, sugar or other products. Some people cannot eat honey. Although it is excellent for healthy people, it is certainly too strong for many sick people because of the irritant effect it has on fragile mucus membranes due to its acidic content (a powerful disinfectant). So for these people, honey isn't forbidden completely, but it must be taken carefully, in small quantities and diluted in the beginning. Afterwards, the quantity can be increased when the body has adapted to it.

CLAY - This is wonderful natural remedy reintroduced by the Abbot Kneip. Clay is just as effective for internal use as for external use. Internal use: Clay is an antibacterial agent; it is very active and effective against all digestive problems. It fights diarrhea and constipation, gastritis and stomach ulcers. It kills bacteria and cleans the blood of toxins. It is also excellent for the minerals and vital elements it contains. Dosage: In the evening, you should mix one teaspoon of clay into a glass of water. Drink one mouthful and then leave the mixture to settle all night and the following morning you mix it again and drink the remainder before breakfast. External use: Clay soothes wounds, contusions, rheumatism, infection or pain. It can almost be said that clay sucks out disease. Use it as a poultice on diseased or painful parts of the body.

NATURAL YEAST is the food complement that contains the most vegetable proteins and the most B group vitamins. It contains minerals, vitamins B1, B2, PP, pantothenic acid and, in large amounts, the principal amino acids indispensable to life. However it is important to underscore the point that brewer's yeast must be taken before the process of deacidification, for this treatment destroys most of the properties and vitamins in the yeast. Yeast is available in powder and tablet form, often combined with seaweed. It is also found in a special procedure which involves combining yeast with plants (BIO-STRATH). This is the best way to take yeast because, on one hand this process preserves the qualities of the yeast, and on the other hand, you can benefit from the incalculable potential of plants.

YOGURT an excellent food. Yogurt is first and foremost very good intestinal disinfectant. It is nourishing, diuretic and a regulator of intestinal functioning. Thanks to its cultures, it helps reestablish intestinal flora. It is therefore advisable to eat plenty after a cycle of antibiotics which depletes this flora. Of course, I am talking about natural yogurt without coloring, antioxidants or preservatives. It is very easy to make this yourself with the yogurt makers found on the market.


There are of course many more such gifts of nature, and I will continue updating this page to bring your more valuable information. I'm going to add these products to the list as soon as possible:

Seaweed - an excellent food complement, amazing for cellulite and obesity

Vervain - breaks down gall stones and kidney stone a powerful diuretic

Horseradish juice - excellent for clearing the live and gall bladder

Propolis - a natural antibiotic

Lemon - disinfectant, vitamin C

Apple - the best fruit of all

Horsetail - for arteriosclerosis, hardens the bones softens the arteries

Ginseng - strengthens and rejuvenates