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Fashionistas Say "Knitting is the New Yoga" Cotton
Incorporated hosts celebrity knitting sessions
backstage during New York Fashion Week

New York, NY - - While the fashion glitterati assembled in the lobby for evening shows at New York's Fashion Week last night, celebrity insiders were invited backstage to W Hotel's exclusive green room where Cotton Incorporated hosted Knit á Porter. bridget green in yoga pose Cast members from All My Children - including Rebecca Budig with her husband, former Bachelor star Bob Guiney, along with Terri Ivens and Bobbi Eakes, and other celebrity guests, were taught how to knit by downtown knitting superstar Miriam Maltagliati, owner of Knit New York. After a quick instructional session, the soap stars tore into their Knit Kits and started purling the night away!

It must have looked like fun to runway superstar Omahyra, dressed dapperly in a top hat, and the gaggle of models she brought by with her. Within minutes they were joining in the fun. Katie Couric too, co-host of NBC's Today Show, couldn't help but pop in to see what all the buzz was about when she passed by the lounge backstage.

Even a camera crew, for which network we won't say, put down their equipment and got in on the knitting action for a while!

Overheard in the lounge from one of the celebrity knitters, "Knitting is the new yoga!"

Cotton Incorporated is hosting two more Knit á Porter events in the W Hotel backstage lounge during fashion week. The next one, slated to be an all model gig, is set for Saturday, Sept. 11 from 1-3pm.

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