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You can choose between text-based ad-links or banners (on the main-page and within top-fold) on all our very well-targeted health, wellness, fitness and disease resource subjects. Our health information is believed to be the largest and most diverse collection of health and wellness knowledge on the-web under one-ownership, especially considering all the niche subjects covering so many health, wellness, fitness and disease conditions. The majority of info-pages have been established for many years, some dating as far back as the 1990s.

For additional information on this unique advertising opportunity, please send email or give us a call to discuss health targeted on-line marketing we can do for you. You will get our toll-free 800 number and email address here. Or place your online marketing and advertising order now by clicking on buy-text-link, buy-banner-ad or free-trial button below...

If you decide to buy Text-Based Ad-Links which use a clickable keyword sentence (to achieve good interest from health and wellness visitors) it will be well-located on the main-page of each info resource and also in preferred top-fold position (with text blended-in so your words look like content (using bold-face type).

You get access to highly targeted, organic and search visitors going to our health related knowledge resources. This unique internet-marketing opportunity is priced at just $1,450-month (works out to less than $6-month per main resource). We can do automatic (easy to cancel at any time or reason) month-to-month billing, with no contract or lengthy obligation (beyond 30-days).

Text-Based Keywords & Link URL

In window below enter a short sentence (15 words or less) & URL (address) your text will link to, then click Buy Text Ad button:

For maximum effectiveness, consider ordering banner advertising which banners will be well positioned (for the best exposure) within the top-fold of main-page on all our health information resources. This unique and powerful online marketing opportunity is priced at $2,900-month (only about $15-month per resource). We can do automatic (cancel at any time or reason) month-to-month billing with no contract or long-term commitment necessary (beyond initial 30-days).

We designed the banner to achieve a good click-thru rate with a clean look and size combined with good positioning on main-pages. Its non-commercial impression tends to indicate it may be editorial recommendation vs less welcome paid marketing thus attracting valued visitors. An editorial suggestion is valid as we do not accept all advertisers and expect sites to be good resources. You can see what the banner looks like here.

Enter your website URL (address) in window below where banner will link to, then click Buy Banner Ad button:

We now are offering a 30-day free-trial banner on the health related webpage which led you here so you can see how effective our marketing can be. The free banner will be located on the main-page. When your 1-month 1-psge trial is over (and if you decide to continue without cancellation) we will convert you to paid banners nicely positioned in top-fold on main-pages of all of our health resource main-pages (at bulk-order pricing referred to above) with automatic month-to-month billing and no contract or long-term commitment needed.

Enter your website URL (address) in window below where the banner links to and click button:

Uptime Guaranty for text and banner advertisers: In the event some resources are down (unlikely; as our uptime is 98% plus), we will double-rebate the cost of any down-time. This assures you are getting continuous marketing benefits (and charged) based on all pages resolving at all times.

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